Glazed pots for garden

In any type of environment, be it a garden, a balcony or a room in our apartment, one of the decorative protagonists is undoubtedly the vase, especially if it contains a beautiful plant.

There are all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes that, in addition to having a practical function, as they contain our plants and therefore will not stain with their soil, have a very important decorative role and are also pleasing to the eye.

But that’s not all, in addition to plants, sand, maybe colored, stones, fake flowers, shells, candles, the choice is really wide, however, it is the vase that makes the difference.

Glazed pots makes our decoration special and every type of pots are more or less suitable for a specific environment. For example, small glazed pots with succulent plants, they are suitable to give an extra touch to our bathroom or to our kitchen, larger, showy and perhaps decorated vases, provide an elegant but also original look to a living room.

The earthenware glazed pots, on the other hand, are perfect for window sills, perhaps with bulbous flowers; for the terrace, instead, the classic rectangular tubs with relief decorations. Very special, then, are the metal vases, ideal for those who have opted for ultra-modern furnishings.

We must point out that some type of glazed pots are more suitable and complement each other in their beauty if they contain a plant, so mainly they are terracotta or ceramic pots, and others instead can decorate an environment even without the addition of additional elements. The latter, today, through the progress of technology, we can find them in the market in all forms and in different materials, some even very special.

We can suggest that if a pot must contain a plant, it means that it must have a more practical function; therefore, its structure must be simpler and more schematic. Instead, if we use a vase exclusively as a piece of furniture, then, it is preferable to opt for a particular shape or material.

Terracotta is a very ancient material, soft and warm, ideal for making glazed pots for containing ornamental plants. Perfect for plant growth, in fact, clay pots being very resistant have the ability to protect plants from temperature changes without breaking.

There are various types of terracotta; depending on the area of origin, they have a different color, a different resistance, a lower or greater shine. For example, there is the glazed pots terracotta, which due to its particular processing, is brighter. Instead, the terracotta has different colors ranging from very bright orange, to pink and yellow, which tends to white. Then there are the terracotta skillfully painted by hand that have a very special charm.

An earthenware pot has a traditional and timeless atmosphere around it, which does not hurt matched with any type of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern, it is enough to know how to choose the one we like best and which seems more suitable for us. Atmosphere of our house, our balcony or our garden.

Then there are some glazed pots in resin or plastic. These two materials are artificial and have the characteristic of being very light and malleable, so they are really very practical. Although they may seem cold materials, instead they allow to create really very creative pots, of course they have a very modern look, they have really strong and original colors and above all they have very particular shapes. They are often very large and shiny, so that their decorative appearance is really evident and fundamental.

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