The Most Common Types of Roses

Types of Roses

When our interest is to plant roses in the garden, the first thing we should know is about the best species most common types of roses, the most common and those that should not be lacking in our mother.

If we talk about the Rosaceae family, we will say that it is composed of a group of thorny and flowering bushes. The flower of the members of this genus is named pink and the whole plant is called a rose bush.

The roses are native to North America, Europe, and Asia. There is a wide variety of kinds of roses, they are different from each other and their colors are really variable, we find them from white to red, there are also oranges, yellows, and pinks. Some exotic varieties may bloom in purple or green tones.

For many years roses have a privileged place in the favoritism of everyone, whatever their presentation. We can see roses in bouquets, ornaments or in a garden tree. Even for its infinite variety, its great beauty, the pleasantness of its aroma and also for the range of colors they present, the rose is the most cultivated flower.

Currently, about 30,000 varieties of roses have been classified, although new variables generated by existing hybrids appear every year. They can be classified by their shape, color, and species. There are species that must be treated very carefully.

Both men and women are working to increase the production and improvement of rose plantations, so that it becomes possible to open new species and forms, achieving infinite selections and hybridizations.

The most common types of Roses

The process of transplanting roses in the gardens is the easiest way to grow them at home when their size allows it since they can be grown in planters and vases. But when you want to give a bouquet of roses or just a rose, you should know that they are sold in nurseries, florists, commercial plantations and even in virtual stores.

Gardeners divide the rose bushes into three large groups, not forgetting that many more varieties are created or generated from them, these are:

1.- WILD ROSES OR ROSESTypes of Roses

They are those that grow in the heart of nature without the presence of man. This makes them the mother of many other species. They are medium-sized fibrous bushes with spiny stems.

Wild roses have about five petals and can be found reddish, white and pink, bloom once a year and are very resistant. They are an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor. It is one of the most common types of Roses.

We find that the most famous and in turn have been the basis for the crossbreeding of artificially created varieties. Among them, we can name the Rosa gallic, the Rosa canina (wild rose, Davanzo or rosehip), both species originating in Europe. The rough Rose, the Rosa multiflora, the Rosa Wichuraina, the Rosa chinensis, all native to Asia.

2.- ROSES OR OLD ROSESTypes of Roses

It is said that Ancient Roses are the oldest rose bushes that ever existed. Roses derived from the first and that existed before 1867, with the characteristic that they were not genetically modified by the hand of man. They only bloom once in summer. They are robust species that withstand diseases well, we find them in gardens for non-commercial purposes.

Among them we can find: Rosa Damascena, also known as Rosa de Alejandría or Turkish rose, Las Rosas Alba, La Rosa centífolia, Rosal Noisettiano, La Rosa majesty or Borbonian rose very popularly and with very few requirements.


More than 95% of the species belong to this genus. They are the best known and used a variety of roses today. They are roses after 1867. Modern roses are low shrubs that bloom throughout the year. Modern or hybrid roses are the result of man’s manipulation. Its creation is based on genes from ancient roses, worked in laboratories. To create better roses of many colors and types. They are stronger at pests and diseases. Technology allows these modern roses to be large, lonely, of many peculiar and exotic colors, sometimes nuanced. Some varieties give us their best fragrances. Among her, we have the Floribunda rose, Rosa polyantha, Rosa Grandiflora. It is one of the most common types of Roses.

Another way to classify roses is when we talk about their shape when describing them of two types.

4.- MINIATURE ROSESTypes of Roses

These rose bushes grow in medium and small sizes. This feature allows them to be planted in internal gardens or external gardens, as well as in planters or vases. They are elegant with a sweet aroma, soft petals, and beautiful colors.

5.- CLIMBING ROSESTypes of Roses

As the name implies are those roses that grow very tall, their leaves become entangled or wrap around nearby objects, it is not ruled out that they also adhere to other plants or trees.

Roses are a plant group with a diversity that counts tens of thousands of varieties. A large majority of roses can be reproduced by cuttings or cuttings. It is one of the most common types of Roses.

Another important factor is that most hybrid varieties can only be obtained using the grafting technique.

Roses represent the oldest symbol of love, beauty, and homage. The variety of colors that roses have allows us to give them a symbolic and deep meaning when it comes to giving them away. The roses are also delivered as a congratulatory message. The type of roses you want to give is perfect, the important thing is to know the reason for your gift. To achieve the best choice between a large number of colors, and the variety that best suits the occasion.

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