12 tips to decorate the garden

A house with a garden offers the opportunity to enjoy family gatherings outdoors, game evenings, barbecues with friends, restful naps and, what we are most passionate about, hours and hours dedicated to gardening. However, getting the most out of the exterior areas of our home requires some planning, and this is where we come into play because today we want to help you create the garden of your dreams.

12 tips for planning your garden decorationdecorate the garden

1. The first question you should ask yourself is: “What use do I want to give to the garden?”. As gardening lovers at Husqvarna, we would say that the more plants, trees, and flowers fill the space, the better. However, we are aware that the needs vary according to family size, available time … So e Limpieza making a list of your requests: grassy area, terraced area, a possible garden, swimming pool, shaded areas …

2. With the above information collected, it is time to sketch. Take paper and pen, scale the layout of your garden and start designing. You can also help yourself with any of the online applications that you can find.

For this, you must take the measurements of the boundaries, the facade of the house and capture in the initial drawing basic issues such as access doors and other pre-existing elements. Also, it is recommended to indicate the location, which will help you later choose the type of plant for each area.

3. The lighting in the gardens can cover two aspects: on the one hand, the decorative, since we can illuminate certain strategic corners; and on the other hand, the practical one, since it will allow us to enjoy the outdoors at night and guarantee greater security for our home. Thus, we can combine the use of solar lamps, wall models, lanterns and even decorative outdoor garlands.

4. When designing the distribution of plants, it is best to go from largest to smallest, that is, start by choosing the trees, then shrubs and hedges, and finally the plants and flowers. Regarding species, several issues must be taken into account:

– Orientation, to assess the sun exposure that each area receives. For example, in areas with a lot of suns, it is better to use species such as geraniums, aromatic herbs, rose bushes, daisies, tulips … On the other hand, in areas where there is more shade, hydrangeas, camellias, lavender …

– The climate of your area (percentage of rains, temperature, humidity …).

– The type of soil (the predominant substrate, if it is necessary to enrich it with natural fertilizers …).

5. A lawn area will provide hours of play for children and rest for adults. And, for maintenance, we have the best options from Husqvarna, we won’t even find out! For example, the Automower® Robot Lawn Mower is designed to cover large areas of grass without even having to supervise it. For its part, for smaller areas, we can count on different models of lawnmowers.

6. To enjoy your garden throughout the day, it is essential to have a shaded area, which can provide you with a pergola, an arbor, or even large trees, such as ash, maple, willow, the Orange trees…

7. To gain privacy, the best vines we can plant on our fences are ivy, the lady of the night, jasmine or honeysuckle.

8. If you put a swimming pool, don’t forget to install a security fence around it to avoid possible accidents.

9. To divide the different areas of the garden, we can use paths, gravel paths, stone edges, concrete or wood.

10. Do you want a garden area? In that case, you should take into account several questions:

– That the area has to receive several hours of sunlight, but also not be exposed all day.

– It is recommended to choose the products according to the conditions of the area.

– You have to choose the substrates well since each type of crop requires specific needs.

– It is necessary to take into account the space that each type of plant needs to grow.

– Choose the type of irrigation, although the most recommended is the drip irrigation system.

11. Follow the latest trends to decorate and accommodate your garden. For example, vertical gardens are a claim today, ideal for both large spaces and smaller environments. As for the furniture, we will seek comfort, but also design, which we will achieve from textiles (remember that, in fabrics, this 2019 we highlight the jungle and floral prints), as well as decorative elements such as wooden stairs, wall planters, lots of wood mixed with other materials such as cement or metal and, as a bohemian touch, macrame.

12. Regarding irrigation and maintenance, planning the irrigation system while designing the garden will ensure that all areas are covered. On the other hand, to preserve, care for and maintain our gardens as the first day, at Husqvarna we recommend the use of these tools:

– Pruners, pruning chainsaws and brush cutters: for bushes, bushes, removing thick grass, pruning trees … Also, all our models are easy to transport and handle.

– Lawn mower: we offer a wide range of different types of mowing.

– Blowers: In large gardens, blowers will help you remove leaves. However, its functions go much further, since you can use it to clean machinery, sheds, and other interior spaces.

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