7 Home gardening tips

gardening tips

What a garden or terrace looks like with beautiful plants and flowers! Do you dare to be considered “a gardener”? We indicate some simple, basic but very important tips for your garden as well as for the pots of your home or terrace so that you have always “very lively” plants with excellent color. Keep in mind that a healthy plant is a plant that will have less risk of catching pests.

7 General gardening tips

The time you are going to spend

gardening tips

First of all, think about the time you are going to spend. Each plant needs different care. If you are going to spend little time or just on weekends, start with simple plants that need little care. Normally the native plants are the ones that need less care since they are acclimatized perfectly to our climate. The crass plant is an example of a plant that needs little care.

Keep an agenda of your plants

gardening tips

Find information about the plant you have and write down what is its flowering period, fertilizer and, if necessary, pruning.

Pots and plants clean

gardening tips
Plant pot displayed in the window

Have the pots and plants clean and free of dead leaves and flowers. If weeds appear, remove them as soon as possible so that all the nutrients in the soil are only absorbed by our plant.

If your plants are flowered

You can apply this to get plants má plant cares flowers: Buy plants with few flowers but have closed buds. Then place them in a place that has a lot of light, the earth that has light humidity and a fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus.


If what you have is a lawn garden, take advantage of the plants that need more watering right at the edges of the lawn, since that is where more water accumulates.

Water the plants always

When you water the plants always do it on the ground and never on the leaves or flowers since they can rot and are more prone to pests. If possible, use warm irrigation water.

Land is aerated

It is very important that the land is aerated. From time to time aerate the earth helping you with a rake.

We hope that with these simple tips you will be encouraged to have plants at home or in your garden.

We await your opinion and if you want you can share it on your social networks so that your friends can enjoy these tips, and their plants are also beautiful.

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