5 Android and iPhone Apps to Help Planting a New Garden

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There are numerous advantages to gardening. There’s the peace of planting, the suspense of growth, and, finally, the gorgeous and frequently delicious harvest. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment that develops as your plants mature is unparalleled.

Unfortunately, if you are unfamiliar with gardening practices, it can appear to be a daunting task unlike just playing the simple games from best rated Australian online casino.

The good news is that there are numerous apps available to help you plant, tend, and harvest your garden! Here are some of the best of these apps, filled with knowledge for planting a new garden.

Moon & Garden: To Account for Moon Phases

Most people are aware of the sun’s importance in plant photosynthesis. Moon & Garden is an app meant to assist gardeners learn about and harness the power of the moon on garden growing cycles.

The program basically functions as a calendar that syncs your gardening with the lunar cycles. Set your location, and the app will begin automatically recommending the best gardening practices to use during different lunar cycles. Everything from planting through harvesting is covered.

Although the benefits of this app for your garden are difficult to confirm, it is another enjoyable way to manage your garden—and your zodiac at the same time. You can visit here to check play some games while on your break from planting a new garden.

Gardenize: For Planting and Tracking Seeds

When planting your seeds, Gardenize offers excellent gardening options. You can use the in-app photo-editing tools to take photos of your direct seed sow and then draw and write right on them to identify your seed planting areas.

Gardenize serves as an excellent gardening pocket journal once your seeds have been planted. You can provide additional notes about the type of care each plant requires or schedule event reminders so you never forget to fertilize again!

This is an exceedingly user-friendly alternative for beginner gardeners everywhere. The app is customizable, and there is a community of fellow gardeners with whom you can connect for future help.

From Seed to Spoon: The Best App for Picking Seeds

A fruit and vegetable patch is one of the best planting alternatives for your garden. They not only produce delicious results, but they also flower, bloom, and expand at an exponential rate. You’ll have a lovely garden in no time.

From Seed to Spoon can assist you in determining which plants to utilize in your annual and perennial vegetable and fruit gardens. It will tell you the growing conditions needed for any given veggie, herb, or fruit and help you decide if it is suitable for your climate conditions.

Aside from a comprehensive knowledge database, the app gives you access to weekly gardening blog posts, video tips, and exclusive shopping deals.

Gardenia: Plant Maintenance and Watering

In the heat of summer, skipping a watering cycle has the potential to completely ruin your garden. Temperatures that are excessively high will scorch the plants and leave them dry if they are not watered. Gardenia is an excellent way to ensure that your plants never miss another treatment.

Gardenia’s beautifully organized app will creatively show your reminders, whether you need to plan water, fertilizer, or harvesting. You can schedule these ahead of time so that when you get up in the morning, all you have to do is check your Gardenia app.

PictureThis: Weed and Disease Identification

When your sprouts break through the ground, every morning in the garden is filled with new life. PictureThis will assist you in determining whether a fresh sprout is a seedling yearning for the sun or a nutrient-sucking weed.

To identify plants, simply take a photo using the app or upload one from your collection. The app will instantly tell you what the plant is and whether or not you should keep it in your garden.

Furthermore, if you notice any diseased or dying plants, you can use the app to diagnose the plant’s ailment once more. It will then offer you all of the information you need to help resolve the problem. The app is also jam-packed with helpful information and suggestions, and it even saves your plant search history in a virtual garden for simple identification in the future.

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