5 Helpful Gardening Apps for Android and iPhone

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Whether you’re an expert gardener or new to the hobby, you may have days when you can’t identify a plant or forget to water your seedlings. If you’re having trouble remembering certain watering schedules, you might benefit from these reminders.

Everyone might use some assistance in providing their plants with the exact care they require. With these important gardening apps for Android and iPhone, you can set reminders and examine detailed information about your plants. In this way, you’ll have time for Australian casino online while caring about your plants.

Garden Tags

Garden Tags allows you to join an entire gardening community. It allows you to share photos of your plants and gardens while obtaining inspiration from hundreds of other plant lovers.

If you stumble across a flower or plant that you don’t recognize, take a photo and share it on Garden Tags. Expert gardeners using the app can identify the plant for you and even tell you if it has any diseases.

You can also keep track of your garden plants by taking pics and cataloguing them. When you look up a plant in the encyclopedia, you can learn about its frost hardiness, sunlight requirements, pH level, ideal planting time, and other details. And you can consider best online slots real money while you’re checking out the app.


SmartPlant allows you to interact with your plants: simply buy a plant from one of SmartPlant’s retail partners, scan its barcode, and SmartPlant will retrieve growing information about it.

You can use the app even if you don’t buy a plant from one of SmartPlant’s partners. You can add a plant to your collection by inputting its name or snapping a photo of it. You can also use SmartPlant to take photos of a diseased or pest-ridden plant in order to detect its ailment. Open the Calendar menu item to see any planting time, pest, or frost recommendations or warnings.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact an expert through the app. Send a brief message to one of SmartPlant’s gardening specialists, and they will assist you in resolving your gardening issues.

Sun Surveyor

When you have a garden, you understand the significance of the sun and moon positions. Sun Surveyor allows you to track daylight changes as well as dawn and sunset times. When you launch the app, you’ll see a compass that displays the sun’s current path based on your location.

You can also look ahead to see how long the days are throughout the year. Change to Live View for a more interactive experience. This feature uses augmented reality to display the position of the sun from your perspective. If you want to monitor the sun in a different area, utilize Map View or Street View on Google Maps and Google Street View to see the sun’s path. Sergio Aguero has a garden in his home.


Waterbot has a very simple interface that assists you in remembering when to water your plants. Simply add a plant with your own photo (or none at all), name it, and set its watering schedule.

WaterBot will notify you through text message when one of your plants requires watering. When you finish watering a plant, mark it as completed, and the watering cycle will begin again.

My Vegetable Garden

Using the My Vegetable Garden app, you can plan and organize your entire garden. Begin by looking for a specific plant, and then enter the date you planted it (or its expected harvest date).

This plant will then become a part of your virtual garden, where you can learn more about how to care for it. My Vegetable Garden provides information on everything from cold sensitivity, water frequency, and germination dates to planting width between seeds. The app also includes a moon calendar that provides guidance based on the moon’s current phase.

To see a diagram of your garden, go to the Parcel section on the leftmost menu bar. You may then drag and drop your vegetables into a garden plot, so you can keep track of which seeds you planted where.

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