Easy gardening at home, enjoy and relax!

Easy gardening at home

Some easy gardening chores help (a lot) in coping with confinement from Covid19. With plants you not only introduce a little piece of nature into the house; Besides, the work of planting, fertilizing and caring for them is most therapeutic. Get down to business!

Whether you are going to have houseplants or have a terrace, a balcony or a small garden, you can get started in the world of easy gardening with varieties that are strong and have no special needs.

In general, it is important that they enjoy natural light, but never direct sunlight through glass. Do not put them next to a window, as the glass could do the job of a magnifying glass, and the plants would burn.

Get started in easy gardening with succulents and cacti

They are synonymous with easy gardening:

Ideal plants for all those who “do not have a green finger”, as they grow healthy and beautiful with very little care. They adapt to any place -in and out of the house-, they hardly occupy and there are so many varieties -pilea or Chinese money plant, sedum or donkey’s tail, rosary plant, etc.- that they also look hanging from the container.

Of course, although they require little attention, it is necessary to use specific substrates and fertilizers for succulent plants and they must receive a lot of light and little water since they keep it well. Good drainage that helps to eliminate excess and soil similar to that of cacti … And they will live happily!

A small aromatic gardenEasy gardening at home

The aromatic plants are a good option to go into easy gardening and enjoy the experience a lot. They give odor, color and can be used in the kitchen since they add flavor to our dishes.

Besides, there are many varieties that you can grow indoors, as long as you place the pots in a light location. For example, chives, parsley, coriander or basil are four of them that live well inside the home.

But if you have a balcony or a small terrace, you can still plant many more. Sage, oregano, and peppermint like the sun, but they resist cold weather perfectly and need medium watering. The latter can also be grown indoors in the winter months.

Spring bulbs plantEasy gardening at home

You can grow them during different times of the year and they will flourish in full color when you least expect it. In addition to that, they repeat said flowering every year. The ones you planted in winter have already started sprouting, but if you want to have flowers on your balcony in the summer, it ‘s time to grow the spring bulbs.

From the end of April to June, agapanthus, amaryllis, tuberous begonias, reeds, dahlias, gladioli, lilies, tuberose and Ornithogalum umbellatum (stars of Bethlehem) are planted.

This is how amaryllis and begonias are sown

They like both plant pots and garden soil, but the substrate should be sandy and loose, rich in organic matter, and although they prefer the sun, it doesn’t hurt to find a location with some shade. Plant them by grouping bulbs of the same species

and at a depth that varies according to the type of bulbs: 5 cm amaryllis and begonias. At 10 cm, coves, gladioli, tuberose …

As for watering, humidity should be maintained but without puddles. And fertilizing with some compost from time to time. If you follow these tips, you will have a wonderful bulb during the summer.

Easy gardening ideas with kidsEasy gardening at home

The little ones in the house love manual work and “sticking” their hands either in the dough or in the soil in your pots. Gardening is a great option for them to practice and learn about growing and caring for plants, and they are also scared. There are several proposals that they can make and they are very rewarding for them:

Transplant to a larger pot

The beginning of spring is a perfect time to do it. Let your children change a plant to a larger pot when it no longer fits. They must first carefully remove the entire root ball, hollowing out the soil around the edges of the container. They must have prepared the new pot with drainage balls or small stones at the base.

Then they add a layer of the substrate to just over a quarter and it only remains to introduce the plant. Fill to the top with soil, but slightly below the top edge so that water does not spill when watering. That easy.

Germinate legumes and sow them

It is a good idea for children to see the growth process of a plant directly through a glass. When it has grown enough, it is transplanted into a pot with soil. They can “plant” beans, chickpeas …

They need a glass container, filling it with cotton or absorbent kitchen paper. Inside, two or three grains of legume is placed and everything is moistened, without filling the glass with water, but it must be watered daily. Little by little the stems and leaves of the chickpea or the bean will come out, which can be planted in a pot when they are already large.

Easy gardening is a fantastic system to fill the hours with productive jobs, which not only helps you pass the time but improve your mood. Can you ask for more?

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