5 Gadgets to Help You Become a Gardening Expert and Never Kill a Plant Again

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Gardening is difficult. It takes a lot of patience, and your lovely horticultural masterpieces can be ruined suddenly due to droughts, diseases, and insects.

Growing plants is much harder than it was in the temperate seasonal climate of Northern Europe. As a result, I’ve become considerably more interested in indoor plants. As a gardener and a tech addict, I recently embarked on a quest to learn what green finger-friendly smart devices were available and trying games at real online pokies Australia.

Here are five of the best gadgets I discovered.

Parrot POT

How can you know how much water your plant needs? It’s quite easy to drown or overwater them. Even worse, the plant’s signs of illness are nearly identical, including drooping yellow leaves, a lack of new growth, and no flowers.

If you’re just getting started on your path to indoor nirvana, you’ll need some assistance.

Why not put a Parrot POT to the test? In a nutshell, it’s a smart plant pot. It monitors the state of your plants and waters them as needed using four built-in sensors. If you spend a lot of time away from home, this is an excellent device to have. You can indulge in games from casinoza casino while monitoring the Parrot POT.


Do you prefer something other than cress and lettuce? Perhaps you should invest in a Biopod.

If you’ve heard of the world-famous Eden Project in England, you’ll recognize the concept right away. Biopods are self-contained ecosystems that may be configured to provide optimal environmental conditions for the plants you want to grow.

You can manage the temperature, light, humidity, ventilation, and rainfall of your pod with the accompanying smartphone app, assuring your tropical houseplant is perfectly content and will never die.

Mini Power Plant Clock

Perhaps the devices I’ve mentioned thus far are too complex or expensive for you to contemplate. If that’s the case, you should look at the Mini Power Plant Clock.

This brilliantly designed clock does not rely on batteries or mains electricity to display the time. Instead, it contains two types of active metal rods that stick into a soil container on top of the clock. When you water your plant, the wet soil acts as a carrier, generating enough power to turn on the clock’s LED display.

But how does a clock prevent you from harming your plants? If the soil becomes too dry, current cannot be carried between the rods and the clock will stop working. You should get your watering can out if you don’t see the time.

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Module

Keeping plants alive entails more than merely watering them regularly. You should also keep an eye on the humidity and temperature of their surroundings. Some plants are so delicate that even a few degrees difference might cause them to wilt and die.

Purchasing a Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Module is one of the greatest ways to monitor the data. They can monitor the temperature, carbon dioxide level, and humidity in each room where you place one.

All of the data is sent back to the smartphone app, where you may make any necessary adjustments to the environment accordingly.

The Indoor Module, best of all, can communicate with other smart devices in your home. You might, for example, use an IFTTT recipe to turn on the fan if the temperature becomes too high, or you could instruct your Nest thermostat to adjust the heating if it becomes too cold.

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