The 4 Best Android Apps for House Plant Maintenance

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Houseplants are a wonderful addition to anyone’s house and life. However, determining how much water, sunlight, and nourishment each plant requires can be challenging. It can also be difficult to recognize your new plant, particularly if it did not arrive with a tag!

So we’ve compiled a list of great apps that will help you identify your house plants and keep them flourishing, or you can just enjoy some games from jackpot jill online casino.


You can easily identify your plants with the aid of this app. It has a database of over 10,000 plants that you may identify using your photographs. Leafy plants, flowers, succulents, and trees are examples.

As a result, there’s no need to sift through a list of plants looking for one that looks like yours when you can simply take a picture of your plant and add it to the database. Following that, the app will attempt to identify your plant, and it typically succeeds. Monsteras, Snake Plants, Bonsais, and Hyacinths—this app can recognize them all, and quickly.

However, keep in mind that, despite its size, the database has significant limits. Certain rare or less commercially available plants have yet to be uploaded to the database, therefore this app may occasionally fail to identify them.

Keep in mind that you can only snap three plants per day without purchasing the app’s premium version. The free version should usually be enough for the ordinary plant owner. Blossom makes up for any deficiencies with its other fantastic features, such as watering reminders and relevant plant facts. This app will help you save time so you should enjoy some games from best American casino online while you’re at it.


PlantHub is excellent for scheduling plant watering. If you have a lot of plants, you know how tough it is to remember when each one needs to be watered. PlantHub makes this procedure simple by enabling you to create your list of plants, each with its watering times and amounts.

To utilize this app, keep in mind that you must know exactly which plants you have and when they need to be watered. However, the ease with which you can design a basic watering plan makes it a valuable addition to your phone.

Another fantastic feature is the lovely gallery of plant images that you can use as free phone wallpaper. PlantHub offers a beautiful background of flowers, trees, and lovely waterfalls, in addition to all of the other great features.


Plantiary provides a fully viewable plant watering schedule, comparable to any calendar app, but with a green twist. The app provides a plant list as well as a search option for specific queries, allowing you to find your plant and add it to your schedule.

Plantiary, unlike some of the other apps discussed here, includes a fertilization option. This allows you to specify whether and when your plant should be fertilized, whether this fertilization should be repeated, and what time of day you’d like a reminder.

There is a premium version of the app that allows you to access features like pruning, topdressing, and harvesting. However, because those are usually for more advanced plant owners, the app’s free version is appropriate for most beginner or intermediary plant parents.


The last app on this list is ideal for keeping track of your watering schedule in style. Wateria is not only visually appealing, but it also provides a quick and easy way to add plants to your watering list. It also provides a variety of avatars from which to choose for each plant.

Though it lacks some of the extra features of other apps we’ve looked at, such as fertilization reminders or locational organization, it is ideal for individuals who want basic scheduling and reminder features without the added fuss. The app also has a plant identification feature, but you must have Google Lens installed to use it.

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