How to make vertical gardens

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If you have not yet seen one of these particular ways of having plants, these are vertical structures in which different species are planted. They are very useful to beautify walls, as well as for those who do not have space in their home to have plants in another way. In this article, we are going to show you how to make vertical gardens at home.

How to make a vertical garden step by step
make a vertical garden step by step

There are many ways to set up one of these green spaces depending on the structure that is most suitable for each occasion. To mount an indoor vertical garden, here we are going to choose the frame structure. We have chosen this type of vertical garden because it can be done by recycling old materials, which is always more ecological, and because it also results in a reduced size and will be combined with the decoration of practically any home. Let’s see what steps to follow to make a vertical garden step by step at home :

  1. Prepare the materials you will need. In this case you need a frame with a good background, as well as four strips with which to give even greater depth to the inner contour of the frame, a metal mesh of the same size, which will make the surface to which the plants will be fixed, and a thin wooden board the same size as the grid. In addition to all this, you will also need a substrate for the plants.
  2. Place the four wooden slats in the part of the frame that would be attached to the wall, so that they give it a few centimeters more depth. This is the space in which the substrate will go, hence the need to give it a certain background.
  3. Now place the grid where the glass would normally be placed in the frame. You can attach it to the wood with glue or staples.
  4. Place the wooden board in the frame created by the slats, so that it will be the background of your vertical garden. Fix it again with glue or with some nails, bearing in mind that it will have to support the weight of the substrate and the plants. With this step, the structure of the vertical garden is finished. You can give a coat of varnish to the wood to reinforce its durability.
  5. Introduce the substrate through the metal grid, and do the same with the plants. It will be easier to start your vertical garden if you put in the same cuttings or other plants already germinated.
  6. Place stones, moss or any other decorative element that acts as a fixative in holes and empty areas, or the earth will end up going out there. Water it later to moisten the earth, and wait at least 48 hours before hanging it to give the plants time to fix properly. When you water it, it is best to spray water over the garden.

How to make a vertical garden with pallets

If you want a vertical outdoor garden, the structure with pallets is one of the best options. It is also eco-friendly, and you can recycle any pallet that tends to be left over in industrial parks and work zones, which can easily be given when you order them; however, they can also be purchased. The preparation is very simple, follow these steps to make a vertical garden with pallets :
vertical garden with pallets
  1. It covers the back of the pallet with gardening canvas, as well as three lateral ones. Make sure to close it well in the corners or you will lose substrate for them.
  2. Tomb the pallet on the ground, with the tarp down, and fill it with soil or substrate. As you do, place the plants in the gaps between the slats of the pallet. The more stuck they are between them, the less they will suffer because of their verticality when you raise them.
  3. Add more soil to make sure the plants are well fixed, and even in a horizontal position, water it to moisten the soil and let the plants take strength. After about ten or fifteen days, you can lift the pallet vertically, leaving the side without canvas up, which you can use to water the earth. If you lean against a wall or wall so that it is not completely vertical, the plants will suffer less.

The best plants for vertical gardens

Now that you know how to make vertical gardens for indoor and outdoor, we recommend you think about what plants to use before mounting.

There are a large number of plants that can be used in one of these gardens, whether decorative or other plants, such as aromatic plants for vertical gardens, very popular for the characteristic smell they bring to the space in which they are. If you like aromatic plants and want to choose some for your vertical garden, we recommend this other Green Ecology article on the different types of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Here is a list of 6 plants for vertical gardens that will not disappoint you:

  • Ferns
  • Succulents or succulents of all kinds
  • Duranta or golden edge
  • Telephone plant
  • Lion’s Claw
  • Ribbons love tie or malamadre

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