How to better maintain your lawn?

How to better maintain your lawn

In winter as in summer, the lawn needs maintenance. Between mowing, watering, and fertilizing, here are the different treatments to bring to the lawn!

Maintain the lawn by scarifying it

When maintaining the lawn, the first step is scarification. It consists of eliminating mosses and felting. To do this, you must:

Scarify the grass on the wet ground after having made a first flush mowing. Proceed by crossing the passages to be more effective.

Thoroughly collect the foam and debris removed.

Finally, sow the lawn before releasing light watering.

Weed the lawnHow to better maintain your lawn

The wedding is essential to well maintain the lawn. It helps keep a dense and healthy lawn. Weed control is recommended twice a year: once in early spring and once in late fall. You can do this either by hand or with a herbicide.

For hand weeding, be sure to water the lawn well so that you can easily remove the roots. As for herbicides, they are more effective on young herbs.

To mow the lawnHow to better maintain your lawn

To maintain and have a very green lawn , mowing should be done regularly. In addition to the aesthetic side, it limits the growth of weeds and promotes the densification of the lawn. Wait until the grass is dry before you start mowing. When mowing, make sure that the height of the lawn is 7.5 cm, except for the first mowing of spring and that of autumn. In addition, you can use the robotic lawnmowers to facilitate lawn care.

Water wellHow to better maintain your lawn

Watering is an important step, even essential if you want a lawn to green your neighbors. If the weather does not take care of good watering, it is necessary to do it yourself, and this, on a regular basis. For a new lawn, it is necessary to water for about one hour each area. However, you must check the regulations issued by your city regarding watering.

Sow to hide

Even if your lawn has been in place for years, there are often areas that are more thinning or that have turned yellow. By scattering grass seed on your property, just before a rain warning and you will see that your lawn will then be denser, more provided, greener! Add a little soil or compost and voila! Also, don’t forget that unity is strength!

Mix different seeds for a better and healthier lawn. Get advice from the nursery to find out which seeds to choose according to your region, sunshine, and soil type. Alliances of different types of grass offer better resistance because each one has its strengths and its particularities.

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