Kalanchoe plant care: Care for the plant

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The Kalanchoe is a very common plant in homes. The truth is that it is quite beautiful because its leaves are green and very fleshy and have many small flowers of bright color, which make up an authentic floral bouquet. Although there are different sizes of flowers, the most common is the one that has small sizes. To all this, it is added that its price is not very expensive in the florists.

For all these reasons, it is a plant that is bought to have it at home and to give away because, in addition, it usually lasts for a long time. In fact, it is not the most delicate. But, like any potted plant, it requires a series of attention. Here, we explain the care for the Kalanchoe plant so that you always have it beautiful and the flowers last longer.

Kalanchoe plant care

Kalanchoe plant care

The Kalanchoe or Kalanchoe blossfediana comes from the tropical zones of Africa. This considerably conditions its location, since it is a plant that likes to be in sunny places. It is not good to expose it directly to the sun, especially when the rays are stronger or it is full summer.

The best place to put it is in a sunny place inside the house where there is plenty of natural light. If the ambient temperature is not very high, there is no problem in the direct sunlight on the leaves.

If in the area where you leave it will have that sun exposure, do not be scared if you see that the leaves darken and begin to have a certain coppery color. It is not that it is drying because, in addition, its fleshy leaves are an excellent reserve of water.

With light, you do not have to be especially careful. The brighter the place, the better. And it is that the light is fundamental so that the flowers bloom but also so they last longer than those that have already left and the leaves maintain their green color.

Although it is a plant that normally lives inside the house, it is also possible to keep it in perfect conditions outdoors. To do this, you should look for a sunny and protected or sheltered place so that it does not give air or freeze when temperatures drop.

The ideal temperature for the Kalanchoe

The temperature is important to take care of the Kalanchoe plant. During the winter, you must be especially careful not to freeze or be affected by low temperatures because you could die.

It is best to try to maintain an ambient temperature between 15ºC and 18ºC. Under no circumstances is it appropriate to be in an environment where it is less than 10 ºC.

In summer, it is also recommended that you watch the temperature. In this case, it is not good that it is subjected to a lot of heat. Ideally, the thermometer in the area where you live does not exceed 21 ºC.

Irrigation care for the Kalanchoe plant

One of the cares for the Kalanchoe plant that is key is irrigation. In general, it does not need to be irrigated very often or in a large quantity. It is important to differentiate that their needs are different depending on the time of year.

In the summer it is advisable to water it more frequently and more abundantly because of the high temperatures and sun rays that are stronger to prevent it from drying out.

In the winter, on the contrary, the irrigation does not need to be with many periodicities because the own hydric reserve that they have in its leaves prevents that it wilts for lack of water. And, surely, you are wondering how you can know if it is the right time for watering. You will notice it quickly in your land. If the land is dry, you have to give it away.

Other care for the Kalanchoe plant

Although, as you have seen, is a plant that does not require much care, it is important to know that the Kalanchoe must be paid during the period of time between the month of April and September. The subscription is applied approximately every fifteen days.

And can the Kalanchoe be transplanted? The answer is affirmative, every so often it is convenient to transplant the plant to a larger pot. Now, you have to do it after flowering, which occurs coinciding with spring. To have more plants of this type, you will need to make cuttings that also have several leaves developed to grip the soil and grow.

With this Kalanchoe plant care, it will be easier for you to have it pretty all year round and full of its characteristic flowers.

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