10 tips for a beautiful and healthy garden

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If one of your passions is gardening and you like your garden to maintain a totally healthy appearance and look vibrant in color throughout the year, we want to help you have the most beautiful of all. In an earlier post, we already gave you ideas to decorate the garden and now we want to damage you follow these 10 tips for a beautiful and healthy garden.

10 tips for a beautiful and healthy garden

In our post of tips to get the most beautiful and healthy garden of all, we want to divide ourselves among the best ideas to get, in parts, the best garden of all. In this way, we first give you four tips with which you will have the healthiest garden, and that is the key to maintaining the garden for a long time. Then we see two tips dedicated to how to care for flowers, two for how to care for fruit trees, and two for how we can control pests.

4 tips to have a healthy garden

1. Choose the right lawn

The first choice we should consider is the choice of our lawn. This will depend, among other factors, if it gives a lot or not the shadow. In areas with sunshine, the most recommended variety is Bermuda because of its high degree of resistance. On the contrary, the dichondra variety adapts well to humid climates and the million to semi-shade. Use lawn mower to make perfect lawn.

2. Water frequentlyhealthy garden

But without going over! It is normal to have doubts when watering our garden, since many times we do not know if we are doing it often enough or not. It is one of the best tips for a healthy garden. The first thing we should consider is the characteristics of the terrain and the weather. Of course, it will also depend on the type of grass and the plants we have chosen. Ideally, keep the soil moist, so it is advisable to water about 2 times per week for 15 minutes. Remember to water at night, thus avoiding the early evaporation of water and the sudden change in temperature that can affect plants.

3. Fertilize when necessaryhealthy garden

Fertilize strengthens the grass contributing to making the grass thicker. Normally it begins to fertilize once the winter is over, and it is important to avoid using strong doses.

4. Cut the grass properlyhealthy garden

One of the most common mistakes is mowing too often. Keeping it very short will weaken it and make it more prone to disease. It is one of the best tips for a healthy garden.

2 Tips to take care of flowershealthy garden

There are many flowers that will bring a special color to our garden. From the beautiful rose bushes to the scented jasmine, through the daisies, the gladioli and the tulips.

Here are two tips for flowers to grow healthy and strong:

5. Learn to plant

First of all, it is necessary to know the ideal type of land for each class. Once we know the type of soil, we must mix it with organic fertilizer: compost, green manure, seaweed extract or mulch. When the earth is ready, you can proceed to dig a small hole where to introduce the seeds without imprisoning them too much. Make sure there are no external factors such as weeds that can impede their development, keep the soil moist and wait for it to start growing!

6. Learn to prune

Poor pruning can cause the death of a plant, hence the importance of doing it correctly if we want to improve the flowering and development of our garden. In the case of deciduous flowers, they must be cut a couple of centimeters above the buds (which will be the future buds). On the other hand, evergreen flowers should be cut as their leaves wilt. Remember that withered flowers should be removed, not only for aesthetic reasons but also because by pruning them we will be stimulating the birth of new flowers.

2 Tips for caring for fruit treeshealthy garden

Here are two tips for flowers to grow healthy and strong:

7. Choose the perfect spot to plant your fruit tree

Find a place with space and good access to sunlight. It prevents other trees from being very close since we don’t want them to end up absorbing their nutrients. Choose the type of soil and ideal fertilizer, if you do not know ask in your nursery friend.

8. Take care of it during your growth

A fruit tree in the growth stage is going through a process in which it is very delicate, so there is the possibility that it needs external support to get straight. Nourish it correctly with fertilizer, organic materials, and suitable fertilizers. Water it gradually and not excessively because you can drown it, make sure the area is wet and, above all, keep insects away.

2 Pest control tips

9. Start with insect prevention

The best advice to maintain a healthy garden is to prevent pests that may appear. If you do not know the type of solutions you have at your fingertips, our recommendation will be to contact a company specialized in pest control. It is not advisable to test insecticides without knowing the correct way to use them since these types of products can irreversibly hurt your garden.

10. In the presence of pests, act quickly

You must act quickly against all types of insects since termites, flies, mosquitoes, and aphids appear frequently. For example, in humid and very hot climates the appearance of cockroaches is very common and they are bugs that feed on everything they find, being able to destroy your garden in a matter of weeks, so the elimination of cockroaches is the best solution. The same applies to any other insect pest, if you have not been able to avoid its appearance, you must act without hesitation to achieve its control and elimination.

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