6 Garden Shed Ideas

Garden sheds exist in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so why stick to the cookie-cutter version? If you’re looking for ideas, look no further. Here are 6 gardens shed design ideas for you to consider and you can try looking at aussie casino online for interactive games.

A Tinker House

This potting shed, or Tinker House, as owner Donna Reyne of Tinkerhouse Trading Company refers to it, is modest but full of light and the ideal place to start some seeds or repot a plant. The pea gravel and pavers provide a clean, dry entryway that is also ideal for adding a few containers and maybe a raised bed. The small touches in the wood carving and the arch of the windows are what makes this house so elegant, playing games from us casino online in this setting will make the experience even better than before.

Storage and Style

If you look attentively through the windows of this garden shed, you will notice that it is packed as tightly as it possibly can be. There is never as much space in your shed as you think there will be. You’ll keep finding things that need to be stored in there as long as you garden. But this charming little shed, captured on Flickr by Naughty Architect, is doing precisely what it was supposed to do, with its front porch and picket fence, and the gardener has had no trouble finding a rake to scoop up leaves. They’ll look great together once the fence behind it aged a little.

Customized and Practical

Hardcore gardeners like the option to hide their tools and mess out of sight. If that describes you, check out what Charlene at Organized Clutter did with a shed from a large box store. The bright green hedge contrasts nicely with the aged gray paint color, and the galvanized steel planters keep the color pattern going. With a little paint and elbow grease, you can personalize any pre-fab shed. The latticework at the bottom of this building reveals that it is built on a raised foundation over a dry, level bed of pea gravel. This is a garden shed designed to be functional and last for years.

Rustic Red

There are no rules saying your garden shed has to blend in with the scenery. This rustic red shed stands out but in a good way. There is so much decorating the exterior of this shed, it almost looks like someone’s home. FotoGuy 49057 posted this shot on Flickr and it is full of details. The bird bath must get good use, with all those birdhouses near the door. This shed is conveniently placed right next to the garden, with tools and supplies in easy reach. You can see the gas can that is tucked in amongst the border. The Hostas anchor the shed without adding more maintenance.

Sleek and Clean

Sheds are now as likely to be placed to rest as they are to grab a tool or pot plant. There’s no rule that says you can’t do both. Pure Wow’s clean, modern shed is set out for catching some rays and surveying the land, but there’s also a desk inside for work and potting. If rustic isn’t your thing, make a clean, open room with a wall of windows and plenty of seating in the sun.

DIY Four-Door Shed

Looking for stylish tool storage that won’t take up too much garden space? This innovative shelter is constructed from four salvaged doors and has shelves and hooks on the interior. This shed’s storage capacity belies its small size. You can get the simple instructions from The Owner Builder Network and have this shed up and running on a weekend.

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