4 Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

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Gardens with vegetables can be of any size or shape. Vegetable gardens can be just as creative and beautiful as flower gardens for decoration.

There was a time when people only had “a garden.” Vegetables and flowers were picked for their utility and intermixed in one area, a cottage garden, which was common in the front yard.

Now you can make a useful tiny veggie patch in addition to a talking point. When placed atop a ladder-like framework, an old chest of drawers takes on a new life as a planter. Most vegetables may be grown in the deep drawers, and there is even enough for a small tomato cage, or you can just hire someone to do all that while you play games from crazyvegas online casino in your leisure.

Hanging Garden of Vegetables

There is no gardening regulation that requires hanging baskets to be filled with flowers. Most veggies can also be grown in hanging planters. You might even get a higher yield because of the heat reflected back off the wall.

You can use any container you like, from old buckets to recycled soda bottles to pricey ceramic bowls. Remember that when the containers are full of wet soil and fruiting plants, they will become heavy. This gardener has suspended baskets from strong horizontal boards that go along a wall, and you can try playing games from best aussie online casino while you’re at it.

Vegetable Bedding Plants

You have to think outside the garden every now and again. Many vegetables, especially those that grow quickly and are harvested regularly, such as lettuce and other salad greens, make appealing bedding plants. A shady area beneath a tree is ideal for them. You might also try a row of something like carrots around a sunny border.

Rabbits and other wildlife may find your vegetable bed tempting, but if you interplant with companion flowers that have a strong aroma or add a few onion plants, these will act as a deterrent.

Change Your Garden Pallet

Many gardeners are aware that leftover pallets make excellent compost bins. They are also excellent for vertical gardens. Staple some landscape fabric to the inside of the front and outside of the back of your pallet. Fill the entire container with excellent potting soil. Then, flip the pallet over and cut slits where you wish to insert your plants. If you choose to hang your pallet garden, make sure you have strong hooks because all that soil and wood will weigh it down.

Gardening Inside the Box

All you need is a basic crate to start a salad garden that will last for weeks. This is a raised bed garden version, but because it is self-contained, it is movable. It may be too heavy to lift when full, but with wheels, it can be moved to wherever the sun decides to shine.

A lot may be crammed into a little space. Regularly gathered vegetables, such as lettuce, carrots, and onions, will be thinned down as you harvest them, preventing overcrowding.

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