The 6 best irrigation hoses of 2019

irrigation hoses

Do you want to keep your lawn or your garden in the best conditions? Do you need a device to water your plants or refresh your animals in summer? Here we present a collection of high-quality irrigation hoses especially made by great experts in the field so you can choose the one that best suits what you need and what you are looking for.

Drip irrigation hosesbest irrigation hoses

These hoses are very interesting because they include all the necessary gadgets to start with the drip irrigation and thus not have to be watering the plants by hand. These are ideal hoses for use in balconies, gardens or greenhouses, among other green areas. In addition, thanks to these special devices you will be able to save up to 70% more water in relation to other drip spray heads and are high-quality accessories that are very easy to install and use.

Extensible irrigation hosesbest irrigation hoses

If you are looking for irrigation hoses with which you can get to any corner of your garden you should not miss the purchase of one of these hoses with an improved design made with a really thick and seamless fabric to efficiently protect the inner tube preventing it from breaking before the strong pressures of water. It is an easy-to-use hose that can be extended up to three times its total length while it is being used and will contract quickly when it is turned off, which is very practical.

Rolling irrigation hoses

The irrigation hoses presented below are specially designed with high-quality materials and are very resistant to strong water pressures, supporting up to 15 bars of pressure. They have an axial connection and are rollable and unrollable while they are being used. For coupling, they have an efficient metal fit, as well as a connection hose.

Agricultural irrigation hoses

Flexible and manageable model of irrigation hoses with agricultural finishes specially reinforced with polyester mesh. It is an article that has a diameter of 25 millimeters and it is recommended that it be kept away from young children because, given their strong pressures, they can be dangerous for them. It is a great option to water lawns, gardens or any other place, efficiently and with good results and guaranteed durability.

High-pressure irrigation hoses

These high-pressure irrigation hoses are very strong and durable, including a latex core that makes them even more resistant. This device expands to three times its original length, returning to its normal size when it is no longer used. It retracts easily, making it much easier to store and made with high-quality materials. As for the connections, they are made with brass and are very resistant to both leakage and crushing, which undoubtedly is a very good option.

Drip irrigation hoses

The drip irrigation devices that are presented below are perfect for people who have very little free time can enjoy a really nice and very green garden, because thanks to this system you can get to irrigate large areas automatically. Also thanks to this device you can also water without wasting any water, and also includes a standardized connector to operate with different systems and the hose can be placed on the ground and water effectively without having to stand standing it for a long time.

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