How to Decorate a Garden or Outdoor Area Using an Ombrelone

How to Decorate a Garden

With the arrival of summer, it is very common to stay outside such as gardens, backyards and swimming pools. Enjoying a cool breeze during the day is very pleasant, but it requires care with the risks arising from exposure to the sun. One way to avoid this exposure is to create shade through a very versatile piece of furniture: the umbrella, which is similar to the well-known umbrella. In this post, we will present several reasons for you to invest in this great resource to protect yourself from the sun!

How to Decorate a Garden or Outdoor Area Using an Ombrelone

Difference between Parasol and OmbreloneHow to Decorate a Garden

The two items are similar and have the same function: blocking part of the sun’s rays and protecting people from the sun. But, there are some elements that differ both. Although the parasol is more compact and easier to transport. The umbrella is more versatile, as it has different styles, angles and types of shapes. The ombrelone is a cheaper option compared to fixed roofs and serves to create an area of ​​shade in outdoor spaces, having the advantage of being able to change places at any time. In addition, it also has adjustments that allow the flexibility to change the slope, adjusting better to the position of the sun. It also ends up being a way to enhance the decoration of the environment, as it is a much more elegant and sophisticated resource. Another advantage of the umbrella is the resistance to the wind when compared to the parasol since it has an air outlet at the top that allows it to withstand stronger bursts.

Formats and SizesHow to Decorate a Garden

The most used models are the round ones (which in fact are usually hexagonal) and the square ones. The ideal is to always check the space around where the umbrella will be installed. The free area needs to be equal to or greater than that to be occupied by the structure, both for aesthetic and practical reasons (rainwater runoff, for example). Round umbrellas are indicated for when all the sides of the space are free, while square ombrelone is more suitable for smaller places, being able to be leaned or close to walls or walls. There are many size options available on the market. It usually ranges from 2.0m to 4.0m.

Types of ombreloneHow to Decorate a Garden

It is the rod that defines the type of umbrella, which can be central, lateral or wall. It regulates the curvature of the umbrella and the direction of the shadow. The central umbrella, that is, with the pillar (rod) located in the center, is more used for covering loose chairs or tables that have a hole in the middle of the top. The side hatch, on the other hand, releases the central part of the shade for any purpose. In addition to the advantage of being mobile, and generally rotating. It is usually indicated for areas of swimming pools, sun loungers or for garden tables without holes. In turn, the wall umbrella has an articulated arm fixed to the wall, freeing even more space from the shadow.


The material must be resistant to climate action. The structure can be made of wood or aluminum. And the fabric can be PVC, acrylic, olefin, cotton, polyester, canvas, begum. It may or may not have an SPF protection layer. Nylon, in turn, should be avoided because of blocking the luminosity. It allows a large number of ultraviolet rays to pass through. Some fabrics are waterproof or water repellent, also allowing protection against drizzle and light rain. The lighter tones may be cozier, but they get dirty easier. Dark colors retain more heat. The ideal is to bet on the intermediate colors.

Care and Cleaning

It is recommended that the sunshade is closed when not used or even disassembled and stored. As intense and unnecessary exposure to heavy rain and storms can damage it. For satisfactory cleaning of the ombrelone, just use water and mild soap with a certain frequency. There are some options for ombrelone fabrics that can be washed directly in washing machines. In summary, the ombrelone is a very interesting and charming resource for those who want to enhance their outdoor area, especially its swimming pool. With it, you can enjoy pleasant family moments without having to worry about excessive exposure to sunlight. You may also like to read-

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