How to grow hibiscus in the garden

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Be careful to choose the right place to plant it: an area of ​​good sun exposure. It can also be grown in a pot. Don’t overdo it with fertilizing. The multiplication by grafting must be done from December to February.

HOW TO GROW HIBISCUSHow to grow hibiscus in the garden

Do you want beautiful, colorful and cheerful flowers in the garden or on the terrace? Think about hibiscus, a plant that with hundreds of varieties, with its height (up to 2 meters) and with its colorful flowers, can also give a tropical touch to your green space. Of the different qualities existing, the most common in Italy is the hibiscus syriacus, one of the most beautiful precisely because of the colors.


Here’s how hibiscus is grown, paying attention to things to do in the different seasons. Even in the middle of winter.

HOW TO PLANT THE HIBISCUSHow to grow hibiscus in the garden

You can grow it in the garden or even simply in a pot on the terrace. Be careful only to choose the right place: they are plants that know how to adapt very well to extreme climates, both in summer and in winter, they even withstand temperatures – 15, but need exposure to the sun.


The season for planting it is spring or, at most, autumn. Choose the right container, at least 25 centimeters, and as for the ground the hibiscus, thanks to the ramified and deep apparatus, adapts to any soil, including poor ones. The best season to plant it is spring, which is recommended especially where it rains a lot in autumn.


The soil should be kept moist, not soaked with water. Water the hibiscus, which still needs a lot of water, whenever you see dry soil.

HOW TO FERTILIZE THE HIBISCUSHow to grow hibiscus in the garden

The fertilizations are done at the end of winter, but without exaggerating. Hibiscus, especially Syriac ones, are very frugal plants. At the end of winter, you can administer a little pelleted manure, to be buried slightly. For a young plant, 30-40 centimeters high, a handful is enough; for an adult plant, it takes 1 kilo.


The pruning is scheduled for the end of winter, cutting the apical branches, but with moderation in order to ensure that the plant bearing both soft.


Multiplication by grafting, on the other hand, is performed from December to February. From the variety to be multiplied, a scion is taken with three pairs of buds, about 10 centimeters long and with a diameter of 0.5 centimeters, to which the “flute-beak” tip is shaped, for a length about 2 centimeters.

A hibiscus plant costs in a 16-18 cm pot, about 9 euros for height between 30 and 40 centimeters. A plant instead of 1 meter and 20 centimeters in a 28 centimeters diameter pot costs 28 euros.

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